Liquid Digital Asset

Our vision is to capitalize on recent technological advancements in the digitization of assets with a particular focus on water rights. We envision an alternative to the traditional capital markets made possible by the ability to create a new class of digital assets. Our White Paper will provide readers with clear insight into our strategy for the implementation of decentralized ownership of digital assets backed by a physical store of wealth.


Blockchain technology is the optimal solution for the creation of digital assets. The AQUA Rights platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and will utilize smart contracts to convert water rights into digital assets.

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AQUA Rights tokens represent a fractional ownership in actual water rights and removes the financial barrier to entry. These asset backed tokens offer stability and value.

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Why Water Rights

The recent devastating drought in the U.S. has taught us a valuable lesson: Water isn’t as plentiful as we think. Water scarcity is a global theme and while water scarcity will not become acute tomorrow, investors with deep pockets and private equity funds continue to plow more money into water rights. Worldwide, the water sector is a $500 billion USD industry and growing.  In the next 25 years, up to $25 trillion could be spent on global water according to the Global Water Fund. There is a growing demand for a fixed amount of water. Now is a great time to invest in water as people rethink how they use water and how much they need.