Token Name & Symbol: AQUA

We have completed the minting of AQUA tokens utilizing Ethereum smart contracts and Solidity programming language by Ambisafe. AQUA tokens utilize Ethereum's token technology, which creates liquidity via an exchangeable digital token that is automatically compatible with any wallet or exchange also using this standard token API.

A total of 10,000,000 Aqua tokens have been minted. Minted tokens will be stored via Cold Storage. No additional tokens will be. Tokens will be available on exchanges.




A minimum of 70% of funds from tokens sold will be utilized for the acquisition of the physical water rights assets. The amount may be increased based on a variety of factors.




The A R Foundation will establish a reserve fund of 15% from the value of tokens sold. The reserve fund will be used to settle expenses incurred by the assets, including but not limited to property taxes, management or maintenance fees. Future net income arising from the water rights assets will be retained in the reserve account.





An operating account will be funded with 15% of the total tokens sold. These funds will support the operating expenses until the water rights assets begin to generate an income.


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  • Affordability of fractional ownership
  • Compatibility via a variety of wallets & exchanges
  • Liquidity via simplicity of exchangeability
  • Accountability with transparency
  • Stability of an asset backed token
  • Security of the Blockchain

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