AQUA Rights Token Sale Closed

The AQUA Rights Token Sale is officially closed. Thank you to all who contributed. Unfortunately we did not meet the minimum and all donations will be returned.



A minimum of 70% of contributions pledged during the crowdfunding event will be utilized for the acquisition of the physical water rights assets. The amount may be increased based on the total contributions pledged.



The A R Foundation will establish a reserve fund of 15% from the contributions pledged during the crowdfunding event. The reserve fund will be used to settle expenses incurred by the assets, including but not limited to property taxes, management or maintenance fees. Future net income arising from the water rights assets will be retained in the reserve account.



An operating account will be funded with 15% of the contributions pledged during the crowdfunding event. These funds will support the operating expenses until the water rights assets begin to generate an income.


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Which cryptocurrencies will you accept?

We will accept Ether for the crowdfunding event

When will AQUA tokens be issued?

AQUA tokens will be issued after the crowdfunding event concludes.

Will the AQUA tokens be listed on exchanges?

Yes, we will be contacting the exchanges about listing the AQUA tokens after the crowdfunding event concludes successfully.